Brownhill Learning Community

Year 7 Literacy & Numeracy Catch up Premium

2015 - 2016

Financial Year Allocation - £1000

2016 - 2017

Financial Year Allocation - £3000 & Brownhill £90 -PRS

2015-16 Academic Year

From September we changed the school day to finish at 2.30 p.m. Monday to Friday. This allowed us to expand our offer of targeted interventions on a one to one basis, without disrupting normal lessons. 
We use WRAT testing to assess pupil progress for literacy and numeracy as well as teacher assessments. 
We are expanding online provision to provide resources that pupils can access at home. 
Our onsite gardening programme is cross-curricular and promotes literacy and numeracy in a practical way.

2016-2017 Academic Year

Our key priorities this year include
  • ensuring our support staff can deliver quality Literacy and Numeracy Interventions and Faculty Leads provide a support mechanism.
  • Our aim is to improve Literacy and Numeracy teaching across the board.
  • Look at
    assessment of needs and review delivery of Literacy & Numeracy
  • Embed use of Pearsons Steps in
    English, Maths for all ages
  • To improve our recording of pupil progress


The year 7 cohort generally is small compared to other years.  All our pupils make good progress.