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Literacy through Science at Key Stage 3

Exploring Science Topic 7A

Develop clear sentences in order to present ideas and opinions (using ideas about clauses and conjunctions)

Divide written information into given sections (for an investigation report)

Exploring Science Topic 7B

Identify key points in a text (using signal words and phrases to spot comparisons, causes/effects, problems/solutions, lists)

Develop clear points in order to present ideas and opinions (using structured note-taking methods)

Exploring Science Topic 7D

Develop clear paragraphs in order to present ideas and opinions (using ideas about structuring a paragraph to make a point)

Exploring Science Topic 7G

Identify adjectives, comparatives and superlatives in sentences.  Use adjectives, comparatives and superlatives to measure and compare.

Exploring Science Topic 7H

Identify and explain the difference between fact (scientific evidence) and opinion

Identify where facts and opinions are used to persuade

Exploring Science Topic 7I

Identify key points in texts (including topic sentences)

Develop clear summaries (using key points and conjunctions)

Exploring Science Topic 7L

Evaluate different ways of remembering information

Exploring Science Topic 8A

Recall that information may be presented to persuade an audience

Spot ways in which words are used to add weight to arguments

Distinguish between points that are supports by evidence and those that are not

Use vocabulary to add weight to arguments to create bias

Identify bias

Exploring Science Topic 8B

Develop clear paragraphs with a topic sentence, supporting sentences and summary techniques.

Develop unity, cohesion and order in paragraph writing

Exploring Science Topic 8C

Correctly use the terms: fact, opinion

Distinguish between facts and opinions

Develop logical sequences of points in writing, (e.g. by using words that show cause and effect)

Exploring Science Topic 8D

Recognise modal verbs

Use modal verbs in scientific writing to express different degrees of certainty

Exploring Science Topic 8F

Construct and organise sentences correctly to explain ideas clearly

Exploring Science Topic 8G

Use adjectives correctly to describe substances accurately

Exploring Science Topic 8I

Use prepositional phrases in writing

Exploring Science Topic 8J

Present information using a mixture of text, diagrams, charts and graphs

Develop clear points to present ideas and opinions, structure paragraphs in a clear manner and develop logical sequences of points in writing

Outline some ways in which the same scientific information should be presented for named audiences

Evaluate different ways of presenting the same information

Exploring Science Topic 8L

Present scientific arguments

Exploring Science Topic 9A

Construct convincing arguments

construct balanced arguments (taking account of different viewpoints to make counter-arguments)

Exploring Science Topic 9B

Develop clear sentences in order to present ideas and opinions (by using words and phrases to link sentences to each other and/or a main topic)

Develop logical sequences of points in writing

Use emphasis in paragraphs (using short sentences and sentences (by putting certain material first)

Exploring Science Topic 9D

Identify key points in a text (including identifying command words and what they mean)

Develop clear sentences and paragraphs in order to present ideas and opinions (including responding appropriately to command words)

Exploring Science Topic 9E

Suggest reasons why people may be biased

Identify bias in information

Evaluate possible bias by comparing reports about the same topic from different sources

Exploring Science Topic 9F

Present ideas and opinion, by using active and passive voices appropriately

Evaluate different ways of presenting the same information, in terms of active and passive voice use

Exploring Science Topic 9H

Answer different types of short answer question

Exploring Science Topic 9I

Identify features of writing produced for different purposes and audiences

Write material in different styles depending on the purpose, audience and format

Exploring Science Topic 9J

Use cohesive devices to make text clearer and easier to read

Exploring Science Topic 9L

Write concise but complete paragraphs in the format required for 6 mark questions in GCSE examinations