Brownhill Learning Community

KS3 Data

Impact Statement for Key Stage 3 - Darnhill Site

  • All 9 key stage 3 pupils made progress in one or more areas of English, Maths, WRATS, RAGS and PIVATS
  • 4 pupils made expected progress in Maths and English
  • 3 pupils made progress in PIVATS, WRATS and RAG scores
  • 5 pupils improved their PIVATS
  • 5 pupils made expected progress in English
  • 7 pupils made expected progress in Maths
  • 5 pupils improved their RAG scores
  • 8 pupils improved their WRAT scores
  • The majority of key stage 3 pupils are keen to attend, engage in lessons and other activities.  They make efforts to learn and progress is evident

Academic Progress

Expected Progress - 1 Pearson Step

Progress - 1 sub-step

Explanation - For Primary, the range is age related.  Each set of age related expectations are broken down into sub-divisions, i.e. 1 Emerging, 1 Developing, 1 Secure.  To make expected progress, they have to complete all 3 sub-divisions in an academic year.

Non-Academic Progress

Progress is based on individual need and will not look the same for every pupil.  For example, some pupils arrive with us with very little or no attendance at main stream, therefore if their attendance is substantially increased and they are engaging in school, this could be good progress for a particular child.

For some children, they may not have left their house or attended a school for some time.  Therefore, any engagement out of the house would be good progress.

Some pupils behaviour presents a barrier to engaging well in the classroom.  Therefore, any engagement with the Youth Team or working 1:1 with various staff, with short periods in the classroom would be good progress.

Expected progress would be if a pupil's attendance is improving and is engaging well in class and with the curriculum.

Kevin Jones

Centre Manager, Darnhill Site

End of Year Report - 2015/2016 for Heights Lane Site


Overall attendance at the Heights Lane Site for 2015-2016 is approximately 49.3% compared with 58.8% for 2014 - 2015.

Factors that have contributed to attendance falling:

  • RIG Group (JA, MB, CW, CMB, GH, BM, RH, RH)
  • PA pupils from Darnhill - (AK)
  • Pupils who have not settled at HL - (CK, CB, YM)
  • First year without transport
  • Attendance lead was inconsistant ue to staff absence at SMT Level
  • School capacity weakened by SMT absence for most of the academic year and supply staffing post.

We continue to take action to improve attendance

In April 2016 a new Attendance Lead was appointed and this had a significant impact on:

  • The increase in the number of home visits made by classroom staff to non-attending pupils
  • The regularity of attendance panels and subsequent engagement of harder to reach families
  • The improvement in the effective use of IASPs for poor attendance
  • The improvement in recording and analyse of attendance data


Reducing exclusions continues to be a challenge at the Heights Lane Site, mainly due to the behaviour profile of our BESD pupils.  We are continuing to implement the following interventions that are mainly responsible for the current reduction in FTEs:

  • Emphasis on the agreed principle, laid down in the recently reviewed behaviour policy, that staff behaviour impacts on pupil response
  • Emphasis and promotion of a stepped approach to behaviour management
  • Establishment of a Turnaround Room where pupils disengaged with learning can access extra pastoral and academic support before returning to class
  • Development of off-site support for pupils who need intensive support to develop positive working relationships with staff


Number of days Excluded in Total477.5
Number of Incidents351
Number of Pupils Excluded54
Pupils with more than one exclusion45


Number of days Excluded in Total201
Number of Incidents125
Number of Pupils Excluded35
Pupils with more than one exclusion27

Pupil Progress

As outlined in assessment reports, the majority of pupils are making good academic, emotional and social progress.

This data has been formulated on the basis of omitting the RIG (Re-integration group) plus ZH and other pupils who only attended once.


Total pupils - 46

Above expected progress - 15

On target - 23

Below expected progress - 8

(CMc, G, M, D, MF, K, JB, K) Mostly attendance issues

Pupils who have not made expected progress have written case studies.


Total - 46

Above expected progress - 17

On target - 26

Below expected progress - 3 (K, KB, C)

Pupils who have not made expected progress have written case studies.


Total - 46 pupils

Above expected - 26

On target - 15

Below expected - 5 (S, C, DW, G, ME)


Staff are completing personal development and academic assessments and recording them on the pupil progress trackers for every child. 

On the 'O' drive, each BLC pupil has a folder where their Behaviour Management Plan, Pearson assessment profiles in Maths and English, and examples of pupils' work are kept.

Case studies for selected pupils are also stored on 'O' drive.

In September, pupil assessments will be recorded and monitored using SIMS.

For the most part, teacher assessments are accurate, however, it is recognised work needs to be completed in this area, such as using staff training, subject champions and moderation activities.

From September 2016, in the BLC, we will be looking at embedding Pearson Steps in English and Maths for all ages, Science in secondary, and develop a skills based curriculum to make cross curricular planning and assessment more effective.

Teaching and Learning

Monitoring has taken place through learning walks, lesson observations and work scrutiny, occuring at points through the year including a Pioneer Trust Review and School Improvement Officer review.

In line with the rest of the school, Heights Lane Site will now collect and scrutinise teachers' weekly plans.  This will enable the establishment of effective monitoring and evaluation systems to secure further improvement.

Teaching is seen to be good or better, with some examples of outstanding practise. 

On the whole pupils are well motivated and make good efforts to answer tasks set.

Behaviour management is more effective in classrooms, now that permanent staff have replaced temporary or supply staff.

In line with recommendations from Pioneers' Trust, the school is working hard to improve the impact of teachers' written feedback on pupil progress.

Work scrutiny rounds are showing a positive trend in:

  • Staff increasingly ensuring that pupil's correct and redraft their work following written feedback
  • Pupils working in exercise books
  • Decrease in the use of worksheets
  • The quality and condition of pupil's exercise books

The appointment of a Literacy Co-Ordinator earlier in the year has contributed to this improvement as staff are receiving more immediate support and guidance.


A number of interventions have been put in place to support academic, social and emotional development. 

These actions were targeted from SEN reviews, EHC plans, professional meetings, and assessment data from our BLC systems.

  • Youth team have provided individual and group activities to increase pupil engagement and social skills.
  • The Welfare Team have supported pupils and their families in many ways to improve attendance, engagement and any immediate responses when needed such as for safeguarding reasons.
  • This half term we will be trialling giving academic and room pastoral support to pupils who are disengaged with learning via the Turnaround Room which will be managed by SMT in the first instance.
  • Individual reading and literacy support is an area that needs to be re-established at the Heights Lane Site.
  • Teaching assistants are going to receive training in the new academic year.
  • From September a member of staff will have protected timetables slots to support our weakest pupils in both primary and secondary.

Growing Relationships

Gardening has been popular amongst selected pupils. 

A co-ordinated plan between the youth team and teachers will be devised from September 2016 to integrated their further into the wider curriculum.

Pupil Voice

We recognise the importance of pupil's having a voice and staff are constantly listening to thoughts, feelings and views of pupils. 

We are currently looking to appoint a member of staff who will lead and co-ordinate this work which we have previously excelled in.

Debbie Navaratnam

Centre Manager, Heights Lane Site