If your child does not have an EHC Plan


The Fair Access Team


Who are they and what do they do?

The Fair Access Team support students and families when a permanent exclusion has been issued by a mainstream school.  A Fair Access Officer will contact you to explain what will happen following the exclusion. 


The Fair Access Officer will support you at the Governing Body meeting where you will get an opportunity to put your side of the story to the Governors and explain your point of view.


If your child’s permanent exclusion is ‘upheld’ by the Governing Body, the education provision will be available at Brownhill Learning Community until they are ready to return to mainstream education. 


Reintegration to mainstream

The Fair Access Team work closely with Brownhill Learning Community to reintegrate students from Brownhill Learning Community in finding a suitable school.  Support is provided at the admission meeting and subsequent review meetings so parents / carers and students have an opportunity to discuss progress.




Contacts at the Fair Access Team:

Janet Lloyd – Fair Access Team Leader

Philip Rodda – Fair Access Officer

Rachel Blackburn – Fair Access Officer

Tel: (01706) 925072

If your child has an EHC Plan

The Height's Lane Site and our Primary unit at Darnhill caters for pupils with EHC plans.  All requests for places must be directed to the SEN team at the Local Authority for consultation.


Further information about school places for children with SEN can be found here:


Follow the 4 step process to apply for a school place for a child with an EHC plan.


Step 1 - Consider your preferred schools

Step 2 - Discuss your preferred schools with us

Step 3 - Apply for a school place

Step 4 - What happens after you apply for a school place


Once you've completed your application:

  1. Rochdale SEN will talk with your preferred schools to confirm they can meet your child's needs.

  2. The SEN Team will let you know if your preferred schools said they could meet the needs of your child.  If they can't, they will discuss some other options with you and agree on a different school.

  3. Once they've agreed a school, they will update your child's EHC plan so it names the school that has been agreed as your child's education provider.


Contact at the SEN Team:

Our dedicated SEN Officer:

Caroline Woolnough

EHC Assessment and Review Officer

Early Help & Schools

01706 927152


Rochdale Borough Council

Floor 4,

Number One Riverside

Smith Street,



OL16 1XU