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Mel Hey


Assistant Head Teacher

Art Curriculum Lead


Tel: (0300) 3038384, option 1

Our Schools Vision and Values

Our Aim

To identify and meet individual learning needs through a nurturing environment.

Our Objective

• To provide appropriate high quality learning opportunities for all.

• To develop practice partnership working with all stakeholders.

• To create an environment where opinions and views are respected and appreciated.

• To encourage everyone to develop their talents to enable them to take up their rightful place in their communities.


Mission Statement

We believe in a learning community where everyone feels valued, included and achieves.




Art is to evoke creativity, giving all our pupils new experiences.  Our curriculum will inspire, engage and challenge while encouraging and providing skills to experiment, explore and create their own Art.


The learning programme is designed to give KS3 the foundation to have wide range of experiences within Art providing learners with a greater knowledge and understanding as well as a range of skills and techniques.


There are 6 topics to cover over the year giving pupils a broad and balanced curriculum similar to that in mainstream education.  However, due to the nature of the sever difficulties our pupils have, the programme allows for adapting to pupils needs and requirements at short notice to continue to be inclusive.


By the end of KS3 pupils will be expected to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the programme of study, equipping them with the foundation to access GCSE in KS4.


Art is encouraged to be inclusive and accessible for all with a therapeutic approach.  Art lends itself to build and develop confidence and self-team whilst allowing pupils a way to express themselves and voice emotions and opinions in a positive outlet.




Pupils are taught to develop their creativity and ideas, increase a range of skills and experiences while developing knowledge and understanding.


The programme is designed for pupils to use a range of techniques and media including painting, to learn to record observations, increase their proficiency in handling of different material, analysing and evaluate their own work and that of others and gain knowledge of Artists, styles and movements.


Key Stage 3

KS3 will deliver a range of experiences covering a plethora of areas and experiences to prepare them for KS4 GCSE.

The aim is to give pupils an inclusive experience of exploring and experiment with a wide range of Art experiences, building on skills knowledge and understanding.


Key Stage 4

Year 10, KS4 is in 3 phases, Introductory phase, Development phase and Directed phase.


The introductory phase provides a foundation covering a range of activities related to Fine Art experimenting with a variety of materials and processes.


The development phase is to build on experiences and knowledge.


The directed phase offers additional opportunities all working towards gaining a GCSE.


Year 11, KS4 is also in 3 phases.


Sustained phase where pupils are expected to be independent learners responding to a set starting point, independent research is required and evidence of all 4 assessment objectives.

Phase 2 is completion of portfolio finalising all outstanding elements required.

Finally, externally set assignment phase where students select one from several possible starting points on the paper.


To complete select and present portfolio for final submission ensuring all component requirements are fulfilled.

Art is a powerful subject and gives people / pupils the opportunity to have a voice in another form, to express themselves, voice themselves and have an identity.


It's important for individuals to feel valued, heard and inclusive of their surroundings.



The implementation of this curriculum ensures that when pupils leave Brownhill Learning Community, they have a wider understanding of Art and how it can be used as an expressive voice or therapeutic outlet.


The pupils will have gained experiences of Art through various trips which will enhance their knowledge and understanding while also supporting Cultural Capital needs.



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