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At Brownhill Learning Community we meet the needs of young people who are unable to access a mainstream provision.  We pride ourselves on creating a nurturing environment and giving pupils opportunities to develop social, emotional and life skills as well as making academic progression. Developing these vital skills goes hand in hand with ensuring the pupils make academic progress crucial to their future.

The curriculum is personalised, creative, innovative and flexible allowing the needs of all pupils to be met.  Our purposeful learning environment puts the individual needs of each pupil at the centre of our decision making. As a school we are committed to lifelong learning; preparing our pupils for a successful transition to mainstream, college or work where they can make a positive contribution to their community and where they can continue to develop.

In years 10 and 11 pupils are also given the opportunity to undertake vocational courses too, which often raises the esteem of pupils who may be less academically inclined.  Our key strength lies in our holistic, multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on making sure all of our pupils are happy, proud and confident individual as well as taking relevant qualifications to ensure future