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Caroline Maddock-Hodgins


English Curriculum Lead

Email: cmaddock-hodgins@theblc.org.uk

Tel: (0300) 3038384, option 2


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Laura Coe


Deputy Head

English Curriculum Lead

Email: lcoe@theblc.org.uk

Tel: (0300) 3038384, option 3


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Our Schools Vision and Values

Our Aim

To identify and meet individual learning needs through a nurturing environment.

Our Objective

• To provide appropriate high quality learning opportunities for all.

• To develop practice partnership working with all stakeholders.

• To create an environment where opinions and views are respected and appreciated.

• To encourage everyone to develop their talents to enable them to take up their rightful place in their communities.


Mission Statement

We believe in a learning community where everyone feels valued, included and achieves.



Statement of Intent

The intent of the English curriculum at Brownhill Learning Community is simple – that all our learners should be able to effectively communicate through reading, writing and speaking and listening.  We aim to encourage our learners to express themselves appropriately and to explore their personal identity via various forms of fiction and non-fiction texts which in turn should allow them to access a greater range of experiences into their adult lives. 


We believe that quality literacy teaching underpins all subject areas and should develop a child’s love of reading, writing and discussion.  Our intent is to explore a range of diverse texts which will encourage our learners to remain open-minded and unprejudiced.  We aim to grow our students, no matter what their backgrounds are, into good people with a broad range of opportunities.



At Key Stage 3, our pupils follow a three-year rolling Long Term Plan which enables pupils to move from site to site, regardless of their teaching staff and remain in line with current schemes of work.  This also helps to facilitate our groupings as we do have some groups which contain pupils from Years 7 to 9.  All work is personalised according to ability and this is determined on entry where pupils take their STAR assessments.  These assessments give us a reading and writing baseline for every pupil alongside specific targets they need to work on in order to improve and make further progress. 


Pupils based at either of the two Pupil Referral Units will ordinarily follow the relevant schemes of work which are aligned with our Mainstream colleagues within the Rochdale Borough.  Our Special School English Curriculum has been reviewed and this has enabled us to make this area of the curriculum more bespoke to our students and their needs.  We have carefully selected appropriate texts to make the Special School curriculum more accessible for all.  There are some occasions where it may be more appropriate for a pupil based within the PRS to follow the Special School curriculum and vice versa.  This can be facilitated due to the fact that our themes and topics are aligned but differentiated accordingly.

At Key Stage 4, our pupils follow the Functional Skills (Entry Level and Level 1/2) assessment pathway.  Most of our pupils will also sit the iGCSE in English Language.  All pupils will participate in the relevant speaking and listening elements of these qualifications.

Our curriculum is benchmarked against the National Curriculum and key elements are tailor made to our learners and their needs and abilities.



The impact of our English curriculum is that all pupils can make progress from their starting points – STAR assessments are repeated as part of our assessment cycle and this shows in reading where our pupils are progressing.  We also utilise KPI writing bands to assess pupils’ writing skills over time and these should show progress once our pupils are following our KS3 and KS4 schemes of work. 


Throughout the various units delivered, the genres of writing are varied so that by the end of each Key Stage, pupils have experienced all different kinds of literature and can appreciate their similarities and differences.  Reading plays an essential role in all schemes of work and this is embedded throughout all our other subjects to encourage pupils to become confident readers.  We hope that as children move on from us to their next setting, they have been inspired and encouraged to further their education and learning and that they have developed creativity and an increased confidence in their reading, writing and discussion skills. 


Brownhill Learning Community's aims in English is to empower and inspire all students across the Key Stages to be competent and confident users of English.


Our main aim is enable pupils to have access to reading materials on a daily basis and timetable story time for our lower Key Stage Pupils.