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Joanne Lockett


Home Tuition Coordinator

Email: jlockett@theblc.org.uk 

Tel: (0300) 3038384, option 2

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Our Aim

To provide an excellent education to pupils across the borough that are not able to attend mainstream school for medical reasons.  We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that can be accessed and adapted to suit the needs of the individual pupil.

How are pupil's referred to the service?

When a pupil has been out of their mainstream school for medical reasons, the school will contact our Home Tuition Lead and request the referral form and information needed.  Along with a fully completed referral form which includes the reason for the referral, the plan moving forwards and the academic ability of the pupil.  They will also provide written medical evidence from a consultant at CAMHS or a hospital consultant depending on the nature of the referral.


Reasons for referral

We have many different medical reasons for referrals.  Some include

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anorexia

  • Childhood Cancer

  • Children who are awaiting treatment/operations, etc.

We also have referrals for pupils who have suffered broken bones and are housebound because of this.

The Process

Once the referral and the medical evidence are received by the Home Tuition Lead, a meeting is then arranged to set up the provision.  The meeting will be attended by the Home Tuition Lead, the pupil's parents/carers, the pupil's current school and, where possible, the medical professional that provided the evidence. 


At this meeting, more information will be gathered, and a short term offer of 12 weeks of provision will be discussed.  The pupil will remain on the school's role but will received tuition from a member of our Home Tuition team.  the pupil will be a Dual-registered' pupil.

Work will be provided by the pupil's school and a review of the provision will take place within the first 6 weeks.  the aim is always to re-integrate the pupil back into their school and if this cant happen, a plan on how to move forward will be discussed.

This may include the pupil becoming single registration with the BLC, but with the option of returning to their school if they feel well enough to do so.


If the pupil is 'dual-rolled', they will follow the curriculum set by their school/teachers.  The reason for this is always in the best interested of the pupil.  If they were to return to their school, they wouldn't feel as overwhelmed as they will have been working on the work that their peers have been whilst they have been on Home Tuition.


If a pupil becomes 'single-rolled', we would follow the BLC's curriculum where possible with them.

Microsoft Teams

The provision is currently provided on Microsoft Teams. 

These are live lessons, usually 1-1 but can be shared sessions with 1 other pupil and a member of the Home Tuition Team.  The lessons are for 1 hour.  These are delivered daily to each pupil. 


Our vision is to have a small unit where the pupil's will come to have their tuition face to face. We are actively looking for a suitable venue.

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Our son has unfortunately not been able to attend main stream school for over three years due to illness and without the home schooling that has been provided he would have massively fallen behind with his education and also his mental health. 


As a family we are extremely grateful to the teacher’s that don’t just look after our son with his education but also put some normality and structure into his day to day life.  Jo who looks after all the coordination of his lessons has been an unbelievable help to us as a family and goes out of her way to make sure the best is happening for our son but also to make sure that myself and my wife have support around us as well that we need. 


As a family its difficult enough knowing that your son or daughter is not well but to know that there is home schooling and the kind heartedness of Jo and her team is one less pressure to our family and we will forever be thankful of their efforts! We hope that our son does get better and is able to go back to a main stream school one day but knowing that the home schooling will have helped him as I said before is one less concern.  Thank you for everything the home schooling team do and please never change!


Parent of year 7 pupil on Home Tuition

My daughter was 15 when she started with Brownhill Learning Community.
Mainstream school started off ok for my daughter but in year 9 it became quite apparent that she wasn’t coping very well. I tried along with the school she was attending to make things easier and keep her in mainstream but by the end of year 10 and the pressure of exams it just wasn’t working and I had to make a very difficult decision to remove my daughter from school for her own safety and mental health.

She has a diagnosis of Aspergers, SPD and Dyspraxia. She was seeing several counsellors as well as being under healthy young minds. After a few visits to the GP and counsellors it was decided that she couldn’t return to school and the school then did a referral to BLC for home tuition.

Jo the manager of the tuition team called me and it was like a weight was lifted just from that phone call, she listened, she completely took on my worries and concerns but more important she reassured me and my daughter that everything would be ok.
Because of my daughters age, how far into year 11 and her current mental health state it was decided she would only do 2 GCSE’s.

The BLC have been nothing less than amazing with my daughter. The tutors are brilliant, they have given my daughter back some confidence and self esteem and made her realise how capable she actually is. They have listened to her, helped with her struggles and given her the understanding she needed. Jo has been fantastic too she’s always at the end of the phone if needed, she always replies or calls back and just genuinely cares for her students. I honestly can’t thank the whole team at The BLC for what they have done not only for my daughter but the support they have given me too.

My daughter is so excited to start college in September doing a course that she’s always wanted to do, which 12 months ago seemed almost unachievable, she is even talking about university.
Thank you so much to The BLC for everything, you are a wonderful service and we are very grateful.


My daughter was struggling hugely in main stream school to the point where she was not learning anything and started refusing to go in at all. She completely cut herself off from all her friends and then started to withdraw from family too.


Through it all though her focus was always that she needed an education but her anxiety was blocking her from getting that. It was a very dark time for us all as a family and I thought she would never get the education she wanted and needed.

Fast forward nearly 12 months down the line and she is a different girl completely. The reason being The Home Tuition Service.


They have been amazing from day 1. They are truly brilliant tutors who have put my daughter at ease and encouraged her learning every step of the way. She absolutely loves doing her lessons and is thriving. The Home Tuition Service coordinator Jo Lockett is exceptional at what she does, she explains every process clearly and constantly keeps you updated. It is plain to see she really does want the best for the pupils.


I cannot speak highly enough of this service.