Online Safety

Advice and Guidance for Parents and Children

The safety of your children at our school is a top priority, both in the physical world and the online world.  It is important that we all work together to ensure that our pupils are fully aware of the dangers online.  Pupils are taught how to report any concerns and it is our responsibility to ensure that our pupils are digitally literate.

When using any computer, tablet, or smartphone remember SMART;

  • SAFE: Don’t give out your own information

  • MEET: Only meet people you have met online with your parents

  • ACCEPTING: Only open emails & texts from people you trust

  • RELIABLE: Some people online tell lies, only talk to real world friends and family

  • TELL: Tell a parent or adult you trust if something you see online makes you feel uncomfortable





Below are useful links and documents that will help you to better understand the online world and how you can keep your children safe online at home.