The BLC Outreach Support Offer is run in conjunction with the support offered by the Local Authority.  Support can be obtained for pupils who may be at risk of exclusion further down the line within mainstream settings.  It is not suitable for pupils who are close to permanent exclusion. The main purpose of all Outreach support is to ensure that the pupil can successfully remain in their mainstream setting.

All referrals must be agreed initially with the Head teacher. 

The two main contacts beyond this are:

Laura Coe – Deputy Head teacher – lcoe@theblc.org.uk 

Caroline Durns – Assistant Head teacher – cdurns@theblc.org.uk

Our aim is to work in partnership with schools to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for students at risk of exclusion. We offer a high quality teaching and learning programme at all of the Learning Community Centres with a mentoring and a Behaviour Improvement Programme focused on student’s individual needs.

  • Referral Form Completed – Appendix 1

All information to be completed by schools prior to initial meeting


  • Stage 1: Initial Consultation

This can take place using a variety of methods such as telephone, online platform such as ZOOM/MS TEAMS or face to face.

This consultation will determine the level of need, support and if the student is suitable for our Respite/Outreach Programme(s).

Using the information from the referral form, it is the role of the Managers to provide the most appropriate support to the referring school, challenging their stance on how the student’s needs are currently being addressed.


  • Stage 2: Follow-up/Further referral(s)

Once the initial Consultation has taken place, the managers are to provide the referring school with any appropriate documentation or follow-up. This could include a further referral to another agencies that can provide best support to the student. I.E. Youth Service referral.

At this stage, this may be all that the school requires to support their student.


  • Stage 3: Outreach Bespoke Programme(s)

This stage is to support schools should they feel they need a higher level of outreach support. A bespoke programme will be produced, based on the needs of the student and also the school. The managers will identify the most appropriate members of the BLC staff Teams who will attend meetings, observe students in classes and complete work with the students, their family and also the school.


Bespoke respite placements can be agreed however these can only be set up once stages 1-3 have been fully completed.