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John Banner


P.E Curriculum Lead


Tel: (0300) 3038384, option 3

Our Schools Vision and Values

Our Aim

To identify and meet individual learning needs through a nurturing environment.

Our Objective

• To provide appropriate high quality learning opportunities for all.

• To develop practice partnership working with all stakeholders.

• To create an environment where opinions and views are respected and appreciated.

• To encourage everyone to develop their talents to enable them to take up their rightful place in their communities.


Mission Statement

We believe in a learning community where everyone feels valued, included and achieves.


P.E (Physical Education)


PE is a vital part of school life and ultimately children’s future well-being.


It is therefore our intent to provide an inclusive, broad and balanced PE curriculum that ensures ALL children will benefit, whether through enhancing existing skills, learning new skills or being introduced to new sports, clubs, teams and organisations.


It is our intent to ensure children understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and to equip them with the tools to do so through health and well-being education.

Children must understand how to take care of themselves both physically and mentally in order to be successful as adults.


The main Aims of the PE curriculum are:

  • To develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities

  • are physically active for sustained periods of time

  • engage in competitive sports and activities

  • lead healthy, active lives.


In order to achieve this, pupils are taught to:


  • use and develop a variety of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in team and individual games [for example, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rounders, rugby and tennis].


  • develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports,[for example, athletics and gymnastics], or other physical activities [for example, dance].


  • take part in further outdoor and adventurous activities in a range of environments which present intellectual and physical challenges and which encourage pupils to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group.


  • evaluate their performances compared to previous ones and demonstrate improvement across a range of physical activities to achieve their personal best.


  • continue to take part regularly in competitive sports and activities outside school through community links or sports clubs. 


Beyond merely a subject, we believe that participation in sporting activity is a key element of developing a school in which pupils are proud of the community in which they belong.

Therefore, great emphasis is placed upon additional sporting opportunities beyond the lesson within the cross curricular sections such as social and communication, carousel and additional opportunities for students to participate in competitions.


We believe this links directly with our school’s values of teamwork and is another way in which we can positively engage with our local community and be active citizens within it.




The PE timetable has been determined to provide the students the opportunity to participate in both team and individual sports, however a double session per week that has been provided allows students to engage in the full curriculum of sports per term as determined by the PE teacher on site. There are also further opportunities for students to participate in sports physical activity sessions across other areas of the curriculum and school day, such as carousel and social/ communication sessions. There is outdoor, adventurous activities run by the school youth team. This gives students, opportunities for experiences that aren’t readily available to them and to work as part of a team in challenging sports and situations. There is after school sports sessions available for students that also wish to participate in sports. The staff regularly encourage sports participation within local sports clubs.


Team and individual sports are encouraged throughout the academic year that has an AQA unit award accreditation. PE staff across all sites are directed by the head of PE to encourage participation and promote health and wellbeing. All students have access to 1 double session of PE each week.  Further opportunities for PE can be accessed at break and lunchtimes and in social and communication lessons.


Access to academic accreditation is available through the AQA GCSE programme in years 10 and 11. Students are encouraged to participate in this GCSE programme, which has a balanced approach of practical performance, coursework and summative assessments.

Students have the opportunity for homework as well.


Saxon Hall

AUTUMN TERM 1 - Basketball

AUTUMN TERM 2 - Short Tennis

SPRING TERM 1 - Badminton

SPRNG TERM 2 - Gymnastics

SUMMER TERM 1 - Cricket & Rounders

SUMMER TERM 2 - Athletics

Darnhill Site

AUTUMN TERM 1 - Football

AUTUMN TERM 2 - Table Tennis

SPRING TERM 1 - Badminton

SPRNG TERM 2 - Basketball

SUMMER TERM 1 - Cricket & Rounders

SUMMER TERM 2 - Tennis



The implementation of this curriculum ensures that when children leave Brownhill Learning Community, they are principled and understanding of their own personal health, enjoy the concept of sports participation and positive competitiveness.


The students will have had the opportunity to participate and engage in an array of sports and physical training opportunities to ensure that all young people of Brownhill meet the guidance of the NHS of being healthy.

Finally the students will all have an opportunity for an academic outcome in PE on conclusion of their student life at Brownhill.

If you require further information, please contact our Curriculum Lead for P.E, Mr John Banner on 0300 303 8384 Option 3 or via email at

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