Pupil Premium Info...



As we are one community, the budgets for both Brownhill and PRS are combined to enable us to provide education provision to meet the needs of individual pupils.

As you can see from the data, a high percentage of our cohort attract pupil premium. 


Mainstream school has not worked well for the majority of our pupils and many have poor attendance histories.  This means that there are big gaps in their learning.  When pupils start with us, we ensure that we carry our various assessments to determine their current working level.  We work closely with parents and carers to encourage good attendance and behaviour.

We have a high turnover of pupils throughout the year, new admissions and leavers are a regular occurrence.  Pupil numbers in September are always at their lowest.

Our use of pupil premium lays the foundation for our pupils to break down barriers that have stopped them achieving in the past and enjoy the teaching and learning experience in different ways to help them make the most of their academic career with us and in some cases return successfully back into mainstream school.

The majority of our pupils leave with at least 1 accreditation result and go on to further education, employment & training. 


We base the use of pupil premium using Maslow's Hierarchy of Need.  Without pupil premium funding we could not offer the range of curriculum, interventions and support.



In order to make good progress, we recognise that we need to provide our pupils and their families with extension pastoral support to ensure pupils can engage and attend school well.  This includes meeting basic needs, such as clothing, food, welfare support, specialist professional support and support from our staff for pupils to make the right choices regarding behaviour, academic progress and life Post 16.

We play a great emphasis on personal and social development to enable our young people to be useful citizens in society.

Pupil Premium 2020-2021 Impact Statement

We have high numbers of PP pupils across the school with 86% of pupils attracting the funding. The majority of funding is used to provide the high levels of support for our students through Careers advice, welfare support, family support, counselling and therapeutic interventions.

We will also negotiate individual support where needed for any child with PP+ i.e. currently we have 1 LAC on a very bespoke educational package and another is accessing additional 1 to 1 maths tuition to support her through year 11.  It is difficult to show the impact of the spending as most pupils attract support at different points in their school life and we can never be sure how bad it could be without the high levels of support we provide. The NEETs figures for the school show the careers advice we offer supports our pupils to move onto appropriate pathways for post 16.