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Welfare Team

The BLC Welfare Team is made up of:

  • Rebecca Birtwistle- Welfare Lead
  • Lucy Young-Family Worker
  • Steven McKendrey- Family Worker
  • Melanie Quigley- Family Worker
  • Jackie Robinson- Community Development Officer

Our Aims

We aim to provide support and guidance to parents, carers and our learners in a wide variety of ways to try to address any barriers to learning.  We want to ensure every learner can achieve.

We advise on techniques and approaches to ease pressures on vulnerable families, we advocate on behalf of families so they are able to access support that meets their needs and work with families to motivate them towards positive change.

We work within family networks and also with a wide variety of external agencies.

What do we do?

Work with school & families to tackle barriers that impact on their child’s education, health & well-being.

  • Regular support either through one to one sessions, group work or family work either in school, home or in the community.
  • Support for parents and carers to deal with stress management and parenting issues using positive parenting strategies and techniques. Examples; behaviour management techniques, developing and maintaining positive routines, relationship and conflict advice and guidance
  • Address issues that are a safeguarding or welfare concern that impact on a child’s wellbeing.
  • Act as a school representative on safeguarding matters including attending multi-agency meetings
  • Support improving family relationships
  • Help for families to find activities and groups to access locally and ensure the opportunity to enjoy life and achieve personal goals.
  • Help with access to health care and advice on healthy lifestyles, relationships and staying safe.
  • Make appropriate referrals to other agencies for specialist advice or support
  • Develop opportunities for our students and their parents to engage with the local community in a positive way
  • Support with practical needs of families, Example; help with accessing foodbanks, help with obtaining necessary household items, clothing etc


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